The real estate investor community of Pakistan when making real estate investments in Pakistan is concerned about a few points such as location, legal status, etc. as frauds are very common in the real estate industry. 

The real estate industry of Pakistan has flourished immensely in the past decade and therefore, has attracted many investors from overseas as well as locally. As real estate investments are still considered the most profitable and tangible form of investment, therefore, the investor community of Pakistan and overseas Pakistani are actively investing their hard-earned money in Pakistan’s real estate industry, especially in the Islamabad market segment.

Blue World City is one of the grand real estate projects that is being developed in the capital city of Islamabad. Located at a prime location,  this project is being designed as a tourist destination in Islamabad.

Reasons To Invest In Blue World City Islamabad

In this article, we’ll be highlighting a few reasons that make Blue World City the best investment opportunity in Pakistan.


Blue world City – an upcoming real estate project in the Capital city of Islamabad enjoys a prime location on Chakri Road. This residential community would connect with Rawalpindi and Motorway via Thalian Interchange.

Another factor that makes Blue World City location prime is that this residential community is located next to the Pakistan China Economic Corridor (CPEC) route, making this project even more valuable and enticing.

Being developed as a Pakistan-China friendship project, this gated community is easily accessible with a 15 minutes drive from New Islamabad International Airport.


The grand gated community of Blue World City is being designed and developed by Blue Group of Companies, owned by Mr. Saad Nazir. Destined as Pakistan’s first tourist city, this residential project offers all the amenities and facilities to its residents and that too at affordable rates.

Yes, you heard it right. The developers of the project have developed and designed the payment and installment plans in an affordable manner so that the working class is also given a chance to invest their hard-earned money in their dream homes.

Moreover, the developers have recently acquired Blue World City NOC ( No Objection Certificate) from Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) in December 2021. Hence, the project is totally legitimate and a safe investment spot.

Safe & Secure Gated Community

The upcoming residential and tourist destination of Islamabad is being designed as the safest and secure gated community with round-the-clock CCTV camera surveillance, patrolling along with stand-by Rapid Action Team.

Facilitation of Basic Amenities

As we know that Blue World city is being designed as an international standard tourist destination with replicas of the famous landmarks and architectural marvels from all around the world. Therefore, the investors/residents are facilitated with all the essential amenities along with entertainment spots at affordable prices.

Facilities and amenities that are offered by Blue World City are as follows:

  • Underground electricity transmission network
  • Wide carpeted roads
  • Water filtration plants
  • Water theme park
  • Night safari zoo
  • Uninterrupted supply of water, gas and electricity
  • Fitness centers & medical facilities
  • Around the clock security
  • State-of-the-art commercial hub

Achieve Your Investment Goals

If you are an investor who has long and medium-term investment goals then investing in Blue World City Islamabad is the best opportunity for you this real estate project is currently getting developed, therefore, the investment is minimal. Once the project gets completed, the return of investment would increase manifolds. 

Meaning that by investing a minimum amount of your hard-earned money today you can earn an excellent and attractive return of investment in the near future. This is because, the Blue World City location is considered a prime and ideal location as its located on Chakri Road, connects with Islamabad Lahore Motorway M2, connects with the CPEC route and is closer to New Islamabad international airport.

Replicas of Famous Land Marks

As we know that the BWC residential project is the first Pakistan China friendship real estate project that is being developed in collaboration with Chinese investors and is Pakistan’s first purpose-built tourist city. Therefore, this project is an architectural marvel inside out.

The famous Horse Mascots of Blue World City are said to be the world’s tallest Horse Mascots having a height of 125 feet. Other than Horse Mascots, replicas of Blue Mosque (Istanbul), Burj Al Arab (Dubai) and a Water Theme Park are included in the Blue World City masterplan.


Being designed as one of the first purpose-built smart tourist city of Pakistan, this gated residential community would have a contemporary styled home located ideally in the Capital city of Islamabad. According to real estate experts, the return of investment value would eventually increase manifolds once the project is completed. However, currently, Blue World City is one of the best investment opportunities for the investor community of Pakistan, as the Blue World City NOC is approved,  investment is minimum and return of investment is high.

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