Nishaan Housing Society the project of Nishaan Group comprises people with loads of experience in housing, development construction, and many more that spans over a decade.

Nishaan Housing society is an aspiring yet prestigious property developer and has maintained the title by continuously introducing new dimensions to real estate & luxury living. 

The core team of Nishaan Group comprises people with loads of experience in housing, development, and construction that spans over a decade. Our vision is to offer the most profitable investment and business opportunity to our clients with professional infrastructure at attractive locations.

The essence of the Nishaan Housing Society is to enhance people’s way of living by providing them with state-of-the-art housing projects. Nishaan Group of companies started as a small team of people and with vision and collective efforts, turned it into a dedicated and professional corporate team, which is growing continuously.

Nishaan group of companies understands their customers’ needs. With expertise in the real estate business, ensuring dynamic and exceptional service. Nishaan Group of companies believes that their client-centric approach has allowed the establishment of a new legacy in the industry. It is their utmost desire and endeavor to provide a luxurious and memorable stay for their clients to remember them by Nishaan. 

The importance of customer service in real estate should never be second-guessed. Real estate investing is unquestionably a service industry, and how investors communicate with clients will ultimately determine their long-term success.

Why Choose Us?

“Home is the starting place of love, hope, and dreams”

Nishaan Group of companies – marketed by progency, develops their own and the projects of the partners providing end-to-end solutions from land acquisition to the final product whether a commercial or residential project. Nishaan Group of companies knows the needs of the local community in terms of investment, accommodation, and trade activities which we have learned over time while keeping direct interaction and interpersonal communication with the clientele. Nishaan Housing over a long-term partnership as we are interested in you. Nishaan gives a sense of belonging to the customers. It’s not just a matter of sale for Nishaan Group of companies.

Reasons To Invest In Nishaan Housing Society

Below are some of the top reasons to invest in Nishaan Housing Society: 

Top Reason to Invest in Nishaan Housing Society
Nishaan Housing Society

Constant Growth

We guarantee approximate up to 15% growth per year on your investment. However, in the case of natural disasters, the rates may fluctuate.

Facilities & Amenities 

  • Smart house
  • Dams & Lakes
  • Park for children 
  • Hotels & resorts 
  • Adventure & shooting club 
  • Mini golf club 
  • Cineplex/auditorium 
  • Vigilant security 
  • Masjid 
  • Fire brigade
  • Sports Complex 
  • Executive offices

We Are Responsive

  • Best In Services
  • Secure Privacy
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Prime Location

An ideal location in Nishaan Housing, Bagga Sheikha, Rawat – Chakbeli Rd, near Islamabad Feed Mill, Rawalpindi, Punjab 46600.

Security and other features 

Nishaan Housing Society is designed as a modern infrastructure marvel, Nishaan Housing Society has redefined the retail spaces with luxury and comfort. 24/7 security, 24/7 Customer Support, and much more.

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