Are you someone who wants to buy or sell real estate property and real estate agents, real estate broker (commonly known as brokers) or realtors are the terms that you have heard multiple times but still are confused about who to hire?

Well, these terms are often used interchangeably hence it’s common that people get confused about them. However, all the three terms have key distinctions between them and various prerequisites are required for entitlement of any of the terms.

In this article, we’ll be clarifying the most common misconceptions about a real estate agent, real estate broker and realtor.

Who Is A Real Estate Agent ?

Individuals having a license to assist people in buying, selling or renting real estate property are known as real estate agents. More commonly known as real estate associates or real estate salespeople, as they are on a beginner level career stage in the real estate industry, therefore their key main responsibilities are to client dealings, hosting open houses and managing other events and activities that are important in selling houses.

For a beginner-level real estate specialist, it’s important for real estate agents to go to have mentors, go through training and afterward effectively finish the authorizing assessment. Notwithstanding, it’s essential to note here that a real estate agent can neither do tasks as an individual nor can legitimately sell the property.

To sell property lawfully and authentically, a real estate agent in Pakistan must work and gain experience from any reputed real estate agency in Pakistan. Real estate agents earn a small amount of commission. This commission is very small as compared to the total worth of the property.For example, the Capital Smart City Islamabad Payment Plan and Blue World City Payment Plan shared by the developers of Capital Smart City Islamabad and Blue World city Islamabad is communicated to the clients of the real estate agency by the real estate agent as the sales representative of the real estate agency of Pakistan, once the sales agent successfully closes the deal, they earn a small percentage from the initial down payment of 10%.

Who Is A Real Estate Broker ?

A real estate broker is one step senior-level career stage than a real estate agent in the real estate industry. 

To become a real estate broker, an individual is supposed to have proper education and knowledge in order to become eligible for successfully attempting the licensing exam. When every one of the fundamental and legitimate necessities of becoming an official real estate broker is satisfied then an individual can effectively and legally operate as an individual real estate broker or can set up their real estate agency in Pakistan where further real estate associates are employed, managed, and administered by the real estate broker.

Real estate brokers have the freedom to structure their real estate profession and career according to their preferences as they have numerous choices, for example, they can decide to work alone as an independent real estate specialist or they can set up their real estate agency and can function according to their solace as they are their own boss and consequently, have the adaptability to keep up with a balance between work-life activities.

By gaining a real estate broker permit, an individual not just becomes qualified to effectively set up their own real estate agency and set out to work with open doors for real estate agents in Pakistan but in the greater turn of events, the skyline of opportunities for themselves expands in the real estate management business.

The brokers who own successful real estate agencies in Pakistan are eligible to invest and do business in the real estate industry of Pakistan. At present, the most lucrative and attractive payment plans in Islamabad’s market segment of Pakistan’s real estate industry are the Blue World City Payment Plan and Capital Smart City Payment Plan offered by the developers of Blue World City Islamabad and Capital Smart City Islamabad as they are being considered as an investment hub of Islamabad by the real estate industry experts.

Types Of Real Estate Brokers

Furthermore, real estate brokers are further categorized into 3 types.

Designated real estate broker

Managing real estate broker

Associated real estate broker

The responsibilities of a designated real estate broker and managing real estate broker are quite similar as they both are liable for the recruiting, training, and management of the real estate agents, property/wealth management, lead distribution while looking over marketing, updating and auditing contracts, managing staff and office of their real estate agency, addressing internal unseen fits of turmoil with respect to business, laying out and following escrow accounts, recordkeeping, and so forth. Moreover, designated and managing real estate brokers are the communication bridge between the government, legal authorities and professional affiliations. Besides, compliance management and cultivating sound associations with real estate dealers are the main obligations of designated and managing real estate brokers.


To put it in a nutshell, the titles and designations in the real estate industry most of the time are puzzling and confusing.

In any case, independent of contrasts being minor, it is critical that an individual working in the real estate industry keep themselves up to date with the latest knowledge and trends to develop their career in the real estate business.

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